Metacognitive Monitoring

By: Vanessa D’Elia.

Metacognitive Monitoring is one of the 7 strategies in Academic reading that can be use to help our students bridge the gap in their comprehension. Metacognitive monitoring is “thinking about our thinking” in which the students are able to monitor their own comprehension and evaluate the inferences they make. I created the info-graphic below to help you better understand what Metacognitive monitoring looks like.

For more information:

Work Cited:

Borich, G. (2000). The Effective Teacher. In Effective teaching methods (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Merrill.

Metacognitive Monitoring2


One thought on “Metacognitive Monitoring

  1. Great infographic! The meta-cognitive strategies help so much in bridging the gaps of student’s comprehension. Without meta-cognitive strategies, students wouldn’t be aware of their thinking process. I really like how you have organized your infographic. It shows exactly how students should think and do in order to comprehend. The following link gives you more information about meta-cognitive strategies:

    -Gabriela Silva


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