Direct and Indirect Instruction

By: Vanessa D’Elia

To be an effective teacher we should be flexible and honor diversity when giving instruction. No all students are the same and not all students learn the same way. If something is not working as educators we should try to use other strategies such as collaborative, cooperative and active learning. Making the students use real or imagined scenarios, concept mapping, discussion questions, debate and even peer instruction. Here I included two info graphics one for direct instruction and one for indirect instruction that can help you out when trying to be flexible with your instruction.

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Works Cited:

Borich, G. (2000). The Effective Teacher. In Effective teaching methods (4th ed.). Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Merrill

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One thought on “Direct and Indirect Instruction

  1. Howdy Vanessa,

    Your blog post was very intriguing. I also believe that in order to be an effective teach we have to be flexible and honor diversity. We as educators will always have to use more than more strategy so it is up to us to work with our students so they can better comprehend. I really like your infographics for direct and indirect instruction, I found them very helpful.

    Abigail Perez


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